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Following Can Be Costly

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” [Mark 8:34]


Have you ever followed someone only to realize that maybe you should not have?  I recently told a story of following my older brother. My brother had promised me a wonderful afternoon of swimming with friends. Instead, we were escorted by a police officer home because we happened to be swimming in a pool where the homeowner had moved out and the new owners had not moved in! Well, Jesus wants us to follow him, too. But Jesus is honest with us. He says if you want to follow me, deny yourself and take up your cross! It’s a wonder that any followed. It’s a wonder that we choose to follow! Jesus makes it clear that following in his footsteps invites us to deny ourselves, by regarding others first. And doing this may cost us our time, our energy, our resources. Denying ourselves is certainly not something our culture promotes, it does just the opposite. So, what small practice might you adopt this Lent to demonstrate your willingness to serve others before yourself? 



Calling God, give me the courage to follow you even when it means I must set aside my desires to serve others. It is not easy to deny myself, my wants, but I trust in your wisdom that requires humility on my part. Help me to follow you more nearly. Amen.

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