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Bring Forth Life!

“God said to me, ‘Mortal, can these bones live?’” [Ezekiel 37:3]


This coming Sunday we celebrate what is known as Pentecost. In Acts we read about the rush of a mighty wind and tongues of fire dancing on heads. But in Ezekiel the power of resurrection takes on a different form. God asks Ezekiel, as he looks over a valley of dry bones, “Can these bones live?” Can something as lifeless as dry bones be brought to life again? Can what appears to be dead be raised to life? What is interesting about this passage is that Ezekiel tries to get God to act, but God says, “You prophesize, O mortal.” You do the work, and I will be here with you! This sounds like excellent wisdom for all of us with the beginning of my sabbatical just a little over a week away.  We are all being asked by God to do some work while we are apart, with the assurance that God is with us. We will not be alone, even though we are apart. With this assurance let us begin to imagine how God will bring forth renewed life in all of us during this sabbatical season. I look forward to hearing your stories when I return, just as I know I will have stories to share. May we listen and respond to God’s call to bring forth life!



Holy God, I am always amazed that you continue to ask me to be about your life-giving work. It is not always easy work that you call me to, but it is meaningful. Give the courage to hear and respond to your call. Amen.

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