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Leaving Home

“When Pharaoh let the people go… God led the people by the roundabout way of the wilderness toward the Red Sea… they set out from Succoth, and camped at Etham, on the edge of the wilderness.” [Exodus 13:17a, 18, 20]

Do you have travel plans this summer? I know I do, and the clock is ticking as my family leaves the afternoon of July 30th for Lake Powell. We know where we going and what houseboat we will be living on for nine days. The menu is planned and so is the list of what needs to be packed. Yet, the people of God had no idea where they were going, other than leaving the oppressive regime of Pharoah. They found themselves camped out on the edge of the wilderness. Whether our leaving is planned or not, leaving comes with a myriad of emotions. We must be able to let go of what was to really experience what will be. How often has your traveling been burdened by what you left? When you couldn’t let go of what was so that you could immerse yourself in the adventure before you? This Sunday we will begin a four-week adventure encouraging us to open ourselves more fully to the transformation possible when we learn to leave home and experience the world around us with curiosity, wonder, and reflection whether we are going on an epic vacation or just to the corner store. God is with us wherever we go in our leaving.


Traveling God, why is that I often relegate your presence to the sanctuary where I worship? I know you are with me, but how often I forget that. In my leaving, help me to know that you are with me. Give my heart eyes to see that your love awaits no matter where my leaving takes me. Amen.

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