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Drawn In

“And I, when lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” [John 12:32]


Some Greeks came to town and wanted to see Jesus, so Philip went to Andrew and then they both went to Jesus. The text isn’t clear whether the Greeks are in tow, but that seems a reasonable assumption given Jesus’ response, “The voice has come for your sake, not mine.” Once again Jesus talks in a way that confuses those who hear. Listening to the text with post resurrection ears makes it’s easier for us to understand, but what does all this mean, “I… will draw all people to myself.” This sounds all too familiar given our political climate where politicians try to draw all people to themselves, for themselves. Yet, Jesus is clear that being drawn to himself is not about seeking self-glory. Rather it is about participating as children of light to uncover all that is destructive and damaging to the human soul. Don’t be overcome by the darkness of the death-dealing forces of our human constructs. Come to the light that invites all of life to flourish on this beautiful blue planet. Come to the light, so that we can walk with each other as siblings united in love. 



Holy One, it is not easy to be united with others, especially those with whom I disagree, in love. Help me to be drawn into the way of Christ so that I may learn to love as God so generously loves me. Amen. 

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